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Creme Beige
Golden Tan
Natural Lines
Tan Lines
Tender Beige

Take away the shine! These powders and bronzers are the perfect addition to your palette! No shiny noses under those lights!  

About the powders: 

Waterproof Setting Powder  
Paraben Free | EU Compliant | Gluten Free | Vegan
Buff this baby in over your foundation and no sweat, rain or tears will take it off. This might be your perfect powder! 

Two-Way Foundation Powders
Paraben Free | EU Compliant | Gluten Free
Wear these powders two ways...apply wet for a heavier coverage and dry for a lighter coverage, or both for stage! 
Available colors: Tender Beige, Creme Beige, Dutch Chocolate and Golden Tan

Paraben Free | EU Compliant | Gluten Free
These powders go on silky, creating a luminous, even skin tone. 
Available colors: Tan Lines (also vegan) and Natural Lines




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